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Search engine optimization (SEO) FAQs

To get answers to frequent questions about our search engine optimization and marketing services, please select one of the links below:

What is search engine optimization?

In online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is designing, writing, and coding (in HTML) your entire website so that there is a good chance that your web pages will appear at the top of web search engine queries for your selected keywords and keyword phrases.

In online marketing terms SEO should more accurately be labeled web search engine optimization (WSEO). There are other types of search engine optimization:

  • Academic search engine optimization (ASEO)
  • Site search engine optimization (SSEO)
  • Graphic image SEO
  • Video/Audio SEO

On the web, mobile SEO (MSEO) and desktop SEO are the same thing.

Search engine optimization is not optimizing for search engines only. It is optimizing for people who use search engines. Information architecture and usability are very much a part of Omni Marketing Interactive's optimization process.

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What does a search engine optimization campaign involve?

There are 4 essential building blocks of an SEO campaign:

  1. Text & labels. A website should contain the words that your target audience is typing into search queries. Your site's labeling system should also communicate 'aboutness' to both human users and technology.

  2. Accessibility (architecture, navigation, format). Placing keywords on a web page is useless if the search engines do not have a means to discover, locate, and access that text. Therefore, your site design must be "spider friendly." In other words, your website should accommodate human users as well as technology users.

  3. Link development. All of the major search engines measure link popularity, or more accurately, link earning.. Therefore, before beginning a search engine campaign, we often have a corresponding link development campaign as well as social media signals to assist with link development.

  4. Searcher goals & behaviors. A known part of web search engine algorithms are searcher goals and behaviors. When people use the commercial web search engines, they are trying to communicate:

    • Where they want to go,
    • What they want to read (or know), and
    • What they want to do.

A successful, long-term SEO campaign is not possible unless all 4 of these components are addressed. (See details in our article: Search engine optimization (SEO) essentials).

After all of these elements are in place on a website, we submit to the major search engines in a non-spam manner.

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What is the difference between search engine optimization and search engine positioning?

Search engine positioning, abbreviated SEP, is a buzz word that is supposed to have the same meaning as search engine optimization. The emphasis is on positioning rather than optimization.

Do not fall for this marketing hype. No one can guarantee a search engine position because the search engines ultimately determine which sites rank, not the online marketing firms.

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Why don't you offer any guarantees?

We do not guarantee placement unless you are participating in a pay-for-placement search engine advertising...and even THEN it is hard to guarantee top placement.

Despite what other SEO companies claim, no one can guarantee top search engine placement because there is a 3rd party who has all of the control: the search engines. What we can guarantee is that we will help you with:

Since 1995, we have a 100% success rate for getting clients listed at the top of search results.

Read more about our search engine optimization services.

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Do you create doorway pages?

Since all of the search engines consider doorway pages to be spam, Omni Marketing Interactive does NOT create doorway pages.

We create information pages, which are designed and written primarily to benefit your target audience. These page types accommodate informational queries, which are the most common type of desktop, tablet, and mobile search engine queries.

Information pages are written, designed, and coded for primarily for users who find your site via web search engines and industry-related websites.

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What is the difference between a doorway page and an information(al) page?

Doorway pages are seb pages created specifically for search engine positions. They are not created to benefit human users...though they can be formatted and written to look like they might benefit human users..

Information pages, on the other hand, are specifically created to benefit your human users because they provide information that your target audience is interested in. Because information pages are a part of your website, they can help your site gain more popularity in the search engines AND industry-related websites.

Since informational queries are the most common type of search-engine query, we believe all sites should contain information pages. Due to our education, experience, and training in website usability, we can build and reformat pages that accommodate both human users and technology.

Many people do not understand how doorway page companies work. They create thousands of pages for a single keyword or keyword phrase. All of these pages are fed to the search engines, polluting their indices with unnecessary information.

They can look pretty, and they might contain so much gibberish they must be cloaked. Human users are less likely to continue visiting a website if they viewed these pages.

Information pages were tested and developed in 1997 by Marshall Simmonds, Disa Johnson, and Shari Thurow of Omni Marketing Interactive.

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How much does a SEO campaign cost?

The cost of an SEO campaign depends on the:

  • Size & type of website you have
  • Number of keywords your site uses
  • Site's information architecture & corresponding navigation system
  • Technical architecture
  • Link development needed

If your website already has a search-engine friendly design, the costs are far less.

Most of our search engine optimization campaigns begin at $5,000 per year. Search engine consulting costs $100/hour with a minimum 4-hour commitment to begin.

Search engine optimization is an iterative (ongoing) process, not a one-shot deal. Omni's staff can maintain your ongoing SEO efforts, or we can train your staff on a wide variety of optimization topics.

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Which search engines do you submit to?

We submit to the search engines that deliver the most qualified traffic, including but not limited to:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Local listings (at search engines and other sites)
  • Social media sites

We will submit to any specialized search engines and foreign-language search engines (i.e. non-U.S.) at your request...but the site must be optimized for specific countries in the proper language(s).

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Do you offer SEO training?

We do offer training in search engine optimization and other user experience design (UXD) services, including search usability. If you have a large site that has a wide variety of services and products, then it might be more cost effective to receive training.

If you are interested in viewing our training syllabus, please fill out our quotation form with your URL and the number of people you would like trained.

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If you have further questions about Omni Marketing Interactive's search engine optimization services, please call us at 847-426-4256.