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Articles on search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, information architecture (IA), and the user/searcher experience

Omni Marketing Interactive has been featured in many online marketing and design publications worldwide. Below are links to online marketing and design publications we are featured in:

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Current SEO publications

Search Engine Land

RFP imageHow to Recognize a Lost Cause in SEO Projects and Request for Proposals (RFPs)
Without giving away specific details in search engine optimization proposals, learn key indicators to assess if teams will support your recommendations.

No siloing symbolStop the Silo Madness! Effective Site Architecture for SEO and Findability

Content silos negatively affect both the browsing and searching experience which often results in lost sales. Learn some ways you can fix some content silos.

SEO imageOpinion: U.S. Congress Needs to do Their Homework on Search Engines
During a congressional hearing, representatives questioning Google's CEO demonstrated their lack of knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) and how search engines actually work.

Mentor photoSearch Engine Land's Community Corner: Celebrating International Women's Day & SMX Speakers
Search-Engine Friendly Web Design speaker Shari Thurow provides valuable words of advice when seeking an SEO mentor.

Authority IMAGERelevance vs. authority: Which link has more value?
In part two of a three-part series about authority vs. relevance in link building, hear from experts who favor authority. (The answer really is "it depends," but learn why Shari Thurow tends to favor authority).

Search Engine Journal

Shari Thurow photoShari Thurow - The Search Community Honors You
SEO pioneer Shari Thurow is honored for dedication to the SEO community, the industry and making for a better, more reputable and smarter community. The nomination said, "Original, brilliant, and a little bit radical - an awesome SEO."


The Zip Local Marketing Podcast (zipsprout)

Local SEO imageUser Experience (UX) for Local SEO
How site architecture can help...or hurt...your local search engine visibility & searcher experience. Learn about missed opportunities on both national sites (with local presences) and purely local websites.


UX Pod logoUXpod with Gerry Gaffney

Metadata, Artificial Intelligence, & Search Engines: An Interview with Shari Thurow


The user experience (UX) podcast provides a platform for discussing topics of interest to UX practictioners & people who want to learn more about UX.

In this podcast episode, Gerry Gaffney interviews Omni founder, Shari Thurow. They discuss:

  • Metadata.The importance of metadata in different types of digital documents.
  • Artificial intelligence. How you can optimize your website for AI & machine learning.
  • Search engine spam. What not to do.
  • Search engine optimization. SEO as a critical component of the findability facet of UX. SEO stereotypes & misconceptions.


SEO agency imageHiring a SEO Agency? 45+ Experts Tell You What to Look For & Avoid
SEO pioneer Shari Thurow outlines some practical guidelines and actionable insights for selecting the right search engine optimization company. Search Experience Optimization (SXO) is a must.

SEO mobile-first indexMobile-First Index: 22+ Experts Share Their Favorite Strategies And Tips For Succeeding In A Mobile-First World
SEO expert Shari Thurow shares her mobile navigation tips & strategies to prepare websites for the mobile-first world.

FranchiseLocal SEO for Brands and Franchises: Top 3 Tips from 15 SEO Experts
If you are a franchisee, here are some detailed local optimization tips from SEO guru Shari Thurow and other local SEO experts.

SEO metricsKey SEO Metrics to Measure ROI
Return on investment is a critical business goal. For successful UX, business goals should always exceed and/or meet user (searcher) expectations. Here are some commonly overlooked SEO metrics to carefully monitor.

Find documentsLaw Firm SEO Strategies: 50+ SEO Specialists Share Their Best Tips
Web-search pioneer Shari Thurow advises lawyers to "Use the users' language" to improve their law firm’s search engine optimization & user experience (UX) efforts.

Learn SEO image103 Experts Explain How to Learn SEO
(If They Had to Start Over)

Learning search engine optimization as part of the website usability & the user experience (UX) processes made web-search pioneer Shari Thurow a better designer/developer.

SEO tools - imageThe Best SEO Tools: 143 SEO Experts Cast Their Votes
SEO pioneer Shari Thurow weighs in on her 3 favorite SEO tools. Hint: Her answers will likely surprise you. Shari favors quality over quantity...& the premise of users first, technology second.

If you have any questions about Omni Marketing Interactive's search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, information architecture (IA), or web design services, please call us at 847-426-4256.