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Publications (2008)

Articles on search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, information architecture (IA), and the user/searcher experience

Omni Marketing Interactive has been featured in many online marketing and design publications worldwide. Below are links to online marketing and design publications we are featured in:

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Search Engine Land

The 100% Organic column covers issues related to being listed in the free, natural or "organic" listings in search engines.

Other Publications

WebTrends Blog
Web analytics giant WebTrends provides a blog to openly share ideas and expressions about improving the customer experience.

  • Duplicate Content Delivery and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    The way search engines view duplicate content is not the same way that the average search engine optimization (SEO) professional views duplicate content. Learn about the different types of duplicate content delivery and the searcher experience.

Internet Retailer
Search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, and web design articles for e-commerce sites.

  • Targeting Search Engine Rankings
    Whenever a retailer sees a Wikipedia listing appear in search results, that retailer should immediately ask: ‘Are there pages on my web site that meet the searchers’ informational needs?’” says Shari Thurow, founder and search optimization director at consultants Omni Marketing Interactive. “Many retail web sites contain informational pages, but many retailers might not realize it.”

  • A Perfect Match: In committing to a search marketing partner, retailers must use their wits to find The One
    Retailers should understand that their preconceived notions about search might not be accurate,” says Shari Thurow, founder and search optimization director at Omni Marketing Interactive. “A No. 1 position on Google does not guarantee that a site will generate thousands or millions of dollars in sales, or guarantee a long-term positive brand perception.”

  • Speakers Call Rich Media a Powerful Tool to Use With Care
    Shari Thurow, founder and search engine optimization director of Omni Marketing Interactive, offered tips for making sure rich media on a site works for and not against a retailer’s sales objectives. Rich media applications must first meet user expectations, she says, meaning that what a user thinks will happen when he clicks a site feature actually happens.


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