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Publications (2011)

Articles on search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, information architecture (IA), and the user/searcher experience

Omni Marketing Interactive has been featured in many online marketing and design publications worldwide. Below are links to online marketing and design publications we are featured in:

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Search Engine Land

The Search & Usability column takes a deeper look at the ever-changing world of searcher behavior and how search engines are evolving to provide the best user experience. Search & Usability is about balancing information architecture and human interaction. The Just Behave column covers searcher behavior and how search engines work to improve the user experience.

Other Publications

  • SpoolCast: When Search Meets Web Usability Q&A with Shari Thurow
    How do you bridge the gap between the search engine and your site? You want that transition to be as smooth and natural for your users as possible. In this podcast, Shari Thurow offers techniques and tricks to satisfy the goals of your users. See also the Virtual Seminar.

  • 4 search engine snags and their satisfying solutions
    By John Moore, Government Computer News
    Agencies use mix of technical, design skills to improve website search engine. Users have a hard time finding government information on the Web. Remedying the situation requires a mix of technical and information design skills.
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