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Publications (2013-14)

Articles on search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, information architecture (IA), and the user/searcher experience

Omni Marketing Interactive has been featured in many online marketing and design publications worldwide. Below are links to online marketing and design publications we are featured in:

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Website usability, design, & conversions

The Design, Usability & Conversion column looks at how user-centered design (UCD) and website usability has a great impact on conversions and a positive user experience .(UX).

You use search, display email or mobile to attract prospective customers to your web site. And then what happens? That's what this column is all about — how to design your site and landing pages to achieve your marketing goals.

Scannable contentHow to Make User-Friendly (And Search-Engine Friendly) Scannable Content
Making website content easy to read and easy to scan should be a top priority.

Usability vs. user testingUser Experience Smackdown: Usability Testing vs. User Testing
Get a list of common usability tests used to determine the usability portion of the user experience (UX).

3 click ruleUser Experience Myth Or Truth: The Three-Click (Or Tap) Rule
Marketing Land Shari Thurow explores the much-touted three click rule. Do you abide by it in your UX work?

UX honeycombThink Breadcrumb Links Aren't Good For User Experience? Yes, They Are!
Web designers and UX professionals have long butted heads on this issue. Can they find a common ground?

Navigation checklistThe Fundamental Checklist for Website Design & Architecture - Part 2
Navigation checklist to help web professionals ensure that their site's navigation system is effective for both humans and technology. Part 2 of a two-part series.

Navigation checklistThe Fundamental Checklist for Website Design & Architecture - Part 1
Is it time to re-evaluate your site navigation labels, design, and format? This checklist can help. Part 1 of a two-part series.

User Conversion Optimization: Measuring Usability In The User Experience (UX) – Part 3
How to measure error prevention, handling, and recovery in usability testing for a positive user experience. Also user satisfaction.

Memorable learnable usabilityConversion Optimization: Measuring Usability In The User Experience (UX) – Part 2
How to measure learnability and memorability in usability testing for a positive user experience.

Efficiency effectiveness usabilityConversion Optimization: Measuring Usability In The User Experience (UX) – Part 1
How to measure effectiveness and efficiency in usability testing for a positive user experience.

UX technologyDesigning the User Experience (UX): When Technology is the User
User experience professionals tend to focus on human factors. Website developers tend to focus on technology. SEOs focus on search engines. Who is right?

4 UX facts4 Things Online Marketers Should Know About User Experience (UX)
Learn 4 important concepts that search engine optimization (SEO) professionals contribute to the user experience (UX) and user experience design (UXD).

Search engine optimization publications

Search Engine Land
The Search & Usability column takes a deeper look at the ever-changing world of searcher behavior and how search engines are evolving to provide the best user experience.

Spam risk imageCalculating The Risk Of Search Engine Spam
When was the last time you seriously considered what might happen if you lost all organic search engine traffic to your site? Here are some ways to calculate financial risk.

Risk of search engine spam imageReaction: What SEOs Think About Facts & Answers Showing In Google Search Results
Shari Thurow and 4 other leading SEO professionals share their thoughts on Structured Snippets and Google's increased activity around pulling content into its search results pages.

Machine speed imageSEO Smackdown: Machine Speed vs. Human Speed
Research has shown that PERCEIVED download time is far more important to human searchers than ACTUAL download time. Learn why many SEOs focus on technical SEO than other optimization strategies.

Sustainable SEO imageLong-Term SEO: Sustainable Tactics, Strategies & Solutions
Sustainable SEO consists of search engine optimization concepts, strategies, tactics, and implementation that stand the test of time. Which ones are important?

Click to call imageThe Right Way To Do Click-To-Call In An Enhanced Campaign World
How search professionals can use the click-to-call data to help deliver ads and other messages in the most appropriate searcher context.

New SEO imageSEO Smackdown Round 2: Old Vs. New Search Engine Optimization
Instead of keywords, site architecture, and link development, maybe we should understand aboutness, information scent, and validation.

Search Engine Watch

Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge
Blogs are naturally search-engine friendly...and other SEO lies. Think you know blog optimization tips and guidelines that are important for long-term search engine visibility and website usability? Take this short quiz and find out.

CIO Magazine

Does Google Authorship Matter for SEO?
by James A. Martin
The better your Google Authorship, the more likely you are to see your headshot and a 'rich snippet' attached to the Web content you produce.. Here's an inside look at the pros and cons of Google Authorship for SEO.

(Note: Google no longer uses authorship as a ranking factor.)

Visibility Magazine

The Human Part Of Search Engine Optimization — Understanding Searcher Goals
The key ingredient to site optimization is the often dismissed human element – searchers. If SEO professionals tried to understand and accommodate the needs, goals, and behaviors of Web searchers, they could deliver a better user experience on our websites.


Roundup: Top Women in SEO Discuss Adversity and Give Advice
Interview with Shari Thurow and other women in the SEO industry. Interesting that some women are delusional (IMHO) about the lack of gender equality. You decide.

Information Architecture

Visibility Magazine

Architecting Search-Engine Friendly Websites
The goal of effective information architecture (IA) is to make the products, services, and information on your website easy to find. Learn 4 pillars of effective IA for search engine visibility.


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