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Excerpt from "Old School SEO with Kristjan Mar Hauksson"

About the first RIMC (Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference) and how Chris Sherman and Shari Thurow influenced his views on search engine optimization.

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...Chris Sherman, his [Danny Sullivan's] business partner actually became one of the biggest influences in my professional life. We became good friends. He came to Shari Thurow came also. I don’t know if you’ve met her. She actually is brilliant and I’ll talk to you about that from an SEO point of view....

So, Chris Sherman came and Shari Thurow and then Bill [Hunt] and then these guys, and it just spiralled. For me, it’s always been about the experience.... 

Kristjan Mar Hauksson photoSo yeah, what happened…SEO is something which I still do. I still have some plans and I still love it. SEO is absolutely brilliant. That ties me into Shari Thurow, who came to Iceland at the first conference, Reykjavík to the marketing conference.

She actually said something interesting at the time. I was relatively immature. As an SEO guy, I was just learning and getting things kind of … Trying to understand the bigger picture. She said that there were three things that needed to be in place, and it was good site architecture, good content, and the proper technology for the website.

Then you have done everything you can from an onside point of view to get the website done properly, and then what you build out of that is your kind of … Then anything that happens after that just builds up on top of that.....

...she’s been proven right again and again. It kind of doesn’t matter what algorithmic changes Google does as long as you have a good site architecture and the proper set up of the CMS system...

...So what she said to me then was that, and this has been interesting and she’s been proven right again and again. It kind of doesn’t matter what algorithmic changes Google does as long as you have a good site architecture and the proper set up of the CMS system and the technology is sane, and then you have good content on your website. Then everything else, you just pan out. But if you’re doing shitty stuff and then you are in the game of burning domains and you need to get instant visibility because you are in PPC, pills, poker, and casinos, then, of course, there are tactics that you just basically do to … And most of them just basically burn the domains....

...I think the fundamentals are very much left and people don’t bother checking them. I get a lot of good ones out of rookie mistakes, just basics being done. I tend to agree.

I don’t think, from my SEO career, that things have changed that much. Obviously...the core fundamentals are obviously a decent structure to work on and then having unique content and building everything else out as organically as you possibly can. It’s always going to stand the test of time....

About Kristjan Mar Hauksson

Global Search Engine Marketing book coverKristjan is the founder and director of Search & Online Communications at Nordic eMarketing. The company specializes in multilingual online communications, organic search engine optimization and marketing through several verticals such as tourism, finance, IT, government and pharmaceuticals.

Nordic eMarketing assists companies to gain international visibility online and to use the Internet as a communication channel, as well as providing consultation in web content management systems and analytics solutions.


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